God and the Dream

In 13 days I begin a new normal-college. Yep, this girl is headed off to college and am I ever thrilled. Alright, alright, a little scared to…but mostly excited, thrilled, excilerated beyond words.

Two months ago college was just a dream. I had looked into going this fall, but I missed the scholarship application date-or so I thought. One day I received a letter saying “You are elgible to apply for the GED Honor Scholarship…” To say I was excited was an understatement. I had wanted this so bad and thought I had to wait till next year. And then suddenly, there it was within my grasp. Could it be possible?

I sent for my application, figured out the complications, and sent in my application. And then I waited, and longed, and prayed, and dreamed, and hoped. Then, I waited some more.

One day after work I told Mom, “I’m going to go get the mail. There might be something exciting.” Was there ever!

All I had to read were the words “It is my honor to present you with the GED…”

“What! I actually got it! Oh, thank you Jesus! Mom, Dad, read it, read it…” To think that my God actually blessed me with this opportunity is incredible. I squealed, danced, jumped, laughed, and cried for joy.

Some days I am still baffled by the fact that Almighty God, the God the Universe, did this for me. Who am I, that God would give me a scholarship? I am as dust to Him and He gave me an opportunity to fulfill my dream.

Then I remember, He loves me. Wait, He loves me, that little dust mite? Yes, He loves me and He loves you to. The Bible says that He plans for His children to prosper. He longs for our success. He thinks about us constantly. He wants to lavish us with His love. He gives us good gifts when we ask Him. I don’t understand His love for me, but I don’t have to. All I need to do is accept and abide in His love for me.

Thus, I continue the daily journey deeper into His love. College is just a stop along the way. If you think about it, pray for me the next couple years as I pursue my Registered Nursing Degree.:)